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A dynamically-sized view into a contiguous sequence, [T]. Contiguous here means that elements are laid out so that every element is the same distance from its neighbors.

See also the std::slice module.

Slices are a view into a block of memory represented as a pointer and a length.

// slicing a Vec
let vec = vec![1, 2, 3];
let int_slice = &vec[..];
// coercing an array to a slice
let str_slice: &[&str] = &["one", "two", "three"];

Slices are either mutable or shared. The shared slice type is &[T], while the mutable slice type is &mut [T], where T represents the element type. For example, you can mutate the block of memory that a mutable slice points to:

let mut x = [1, 2, 3];
let x = &mut x[..]; // Take a full slice of `x`.
x[1] = 7;
assert_eq!(x, &[1, 7, 3]);

As slices store the length of the sequence they refer to, they have twice the size of pointers to Sized types. Also see the reference on dynamically sized types.

let pointer_size = std::mem::size_of::<&u8>();
assert_eq!(2 * pointer_size, std::mem::size_of::<&[u8]>());
assert_eq!(2 * pointer_size, std::mem::size_of::<*const [u8]>());
assert_eq!(2 * pointer_size, std::mem::size_of::<Box<[u8]>>());
assert_eq!(2 * pointer_size, std::mem::size_of::<Rc<[u8]>>());