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Networking primitives for TCP/UDP communication.

This module provides networking functionality for the Transmission Control and User Datagram Protocols, as well as types for IP and socket addresses.



A private parser implementation of IPv4, IPv6, and socket addresses.


An error which can be returned when parsing an IP address or a socket address.

An iterator that infinitely accepts connections on a TcpListener.

An IPv4 address.

An IPv6 address.

An IPv4 socket address.

An IPv6 socket address.

A TCP socket server, listening for connections.

A TCP stream between a local and a remote socket.

A UDP socket.


An IP address, either IPv4 or IPv6.

Possible values which can be passed to the TcpStream::shutdown method.

An internet socket address, either IPv4 or IPv6.


A trait for objects which can be converted or resolved to one or more SocketAddr values.